Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:45:22 +0530 en-us Wooden Crate Boxes Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Need wooden crate boxes that can handle the heaviest load? At Siddhi Vinayak Packaging, we are involved as the leading wooden crate export boxes manufacturer in Vadodara since 2015. To deliver premium quality products and to cater to the vast industry requirements, we combine our industrial in-depth and sheer expertise in the world of wooden packaging boxes. We hold specialising in making wooden boxes for sea shipment, air freight, local packaging, and export packaging. All our wooden crate boxes are highly favoured for being water-resistant. The wooden crate boxes offered by us as the popular wooden crate packaging boxes supplier can be handled using trolleys, cranes, or even forklifts. Stronger and Durable Wooden Crate Storage Boxes Each of our products is termite-resistant and is easy to maintain. Besides, they boast of a longer life span. We know the importance of packaging and the role it plays in keeping your products safe when exporting them to distant countries, states, or even cities. Our range of wooden crate boxes can prevent damage to your wooden box crates by offering them ultimate protection. More so, they can also safeguard your items inside the box from heat, humidity, and dust. Since we are one of the largest wooden crate storage boxes manufacturer, we also offer customisation. Our wooden crate boxes unlike the cardboard boxes have better strength and are the ideal choice when you can have to pack, store or even transport your valuable items and want them to remain safe from mechanical stress. High-Moisture Resistant Wooden Crate Export Boxes When you are thinking to pack heavy goods, then look no further than our range of wooden crate storage boxes. Our collection of wooden crate boxes is perfect because allows for uniform distribution of heavyweight items. By keeping or storing the products inside the wooden crates, you no longer run the possibility of losing shape. Regardless of the rough usage, the wooden crate boxes that we offer aren’t susceptible to any kind of damage. We only use premium quality wood material when constructing our range of wooden crate storage boxes. Since the boxes are made using the best quality wood material, they can withstand all types of stress; chemical, biological, and even mechanical stress. Wooden Transportation Boxes Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 At Siddhi Vinayak Packaging, we hold expertise in manufacturing top-graded wooden transportation boxes since 2015. Headquartered in Vadodara, we offer sturdy wooden transport boxes that are closed and are excellently resistant, hence providing optimal protection for all types of goods. The heavy-duty wooden transportation boxes are so perfectly engineered that they can steer away from all kinds of damage. Wood is also eco-friendly and can be easily repaired, in case a piece or part of it breaks. The wooden transportation boxes render a complete sense of satisfaction to the customers, because of the 100% safety it provides to their items. Since wood is a natural moisture regulator, your items inside can stay fresh for a long time. Buy Highest Quality Wooden Transportation Boxes for Safe Packaging The wood we use for the making of heavy-duty exports wooden transportation boxes boasts of being a physical inhibitor of bacteria. This makes our range of wooden boxes the prime contributor of hygienic and safe transport, given the bar it puts on the entrance of bacteria. Our range of classic wooden transportation boxes is one of the most responsible and sustainable solutions for the transportation of your valuable goods. The wooden boxes are both recyclable and renewable as well. The wood we use in the making of boxes can withstand the heaviest weight items and is appropriate for all three types of transportation available; sea, land, and air. Customizable Wooden Transportation Boxes Manufacturer The wooden transportation boxes we offer can be stacked in multiple layers, sans the chances of breakage. This is important as bulk transportation requires space usage with vehicles. Unlike the cardboard boxes which lose shape because of the mechanical pressure, affecting the items present inside, our range of wooden boxes reduces the damage cost to the extreme level. While you can always choose from our standard range of wooden transportation boxes, we can also create customised wooden transport boxes, if you wish. To get a customised wooden export box in bulk, get in touch with our experts and let them know of the measurements and the number of units that you require, and we shall make you the best-quality wooden boxes as per your requirement. Wooden Pallets Thu, 18 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Since 2015, we have secured our position as one of the popular and reliable warehouse wooden pallets manufacturer based in Vadodara. We hold unrivalled expertise and knowledge in the pallet industry. Through our delivery of high-quality wooden storage pallets, we have been able to create a benchmark of excellence in terms of packaging solutions. Committed to garner both the confidence and trust of our client base, our exclusive range of wooden storage pallets are crafted by highly skilled professionals who only take the help of the best quality wood. You can browse through our diverse range of sizes when choosing wooden storage pallets. Get Longer-Serving Wooden Storage Pallets at Competitive Prices All our wooden storage pallets are not only perfect for storage but also for stockpiling different materials. You can count on our huge range of wooden storage pallets for use in the warehouses and go downs. Each of them boasts of precise finishing and sufficient storage space. They can also be used easily. We have maintained consistency in our quality and have always been strict when it comes to adhering to client-centric policies. We are credited for offering product customisation as well and apart from this, our quality-check personnel also check the products according to the pre-determined parameters. And because we can effectively maintain it, we can cater to the bulk manufacturing of wooden storage pallets. Rigorous Quality Management Involved for Wooden Pallet Manufacturing We can be of great help, every time and anytime your business needs top-quality wood packaging; be it for storage or shipping. We dole out an impressive variety of models when it comes to wooden storage pallets in Gujarat. You can count on our wooden pallets anytime, as they are made following the industrial standards and requirements. To place your bulk order of pallets, just enter your contact information and our executives will get back to you quickly.